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Video Poker Affect Your Game

How Do Your Decisions in Video Poker Affect Your Game?

A lot of people are suspicious of the way video poker games may throw their odds off. Especially on the more prevalent, or more popular games – Allgokkasten, if you’ve ever pondered the idea of them rigging your game, you wouldn’t be the only one. The fact is, the machines are set to where no one can hack them, and they are random, so you have to worry about that!

Video Poker

Unlike slot machines or roulette, that are games of strictly chance, where your money is just thrown in aimlessly, and taken by the same like, poker is reliant for the most part on your strategy. What you keep in your hand, what’s your gut feeling, what do you think may get pulled. So, in the end, your decisions end up being your odds of winning, so they matter a lot!

How to Play Video Poker – The Basics

  • The Player Inserts Their Money in The Machine

  • The player is dealt 5 virtual cards.

  • The player then decides where he’s going with his hand, and what to keep. You can choose all, some, or none and keep your hand.

  • Cards discarded are replaced by new ones.

  • With a pair of Jacks as a standard minimum requirement, the player receives a payout based on the ranking of the cards he has collected in his hand.

Understanding the Random Sequence

When a poker game is sitting idle, it has a generator working on combinations of possible plays at the rate of hundreds per second. Games developed by IGT have 16,000,000,000,000,000,000 (quintillion) possible outcomes, and one outcome is selected when you hit “DEAL” on the machine.

There is an Exception! – Class ll Machines

I was playing recently on a poker machine, that I noticed was behaving differently that the normal ones. It was a Jacks or Better game with a 9-6 payable, which is pretty generous. I thought for sure I had just lost this one hand that didn’t pan out for me, and suddenly this huge dragon comes out, roasting my hand with his giant flame, and refining my hand into a new, sparkling, straight flush! Who was this guy, and how do I be his friend?

A friend and I were chatting, and we figured out that these types of poker machines are actually class ll, and choose what happens, rather than the player’s strategy This makes them a lot of fun with the random wins, but makes them more of a gamble like regular slots. Class lll being the traditional poker machines people are used to, without wild hand sparkling dragons or fairies lol.

Honestly, the Class ll machines are more directly BINGO, because the machine scrambles and deals to every player as the options are randomized. If you want to see what type of machine you are playing on, look at the bottom of the screen. If there is a bingo logo on the glass, it is a Class ll machine. In most cases, they will be Class lll.

Some Food for Thought

Video poker is a fact. Just like a bridge or a mountain. It’s here to stay. Video poker remains a favorite of many people because of the simple reason that it matters if you are trying. We flock to games that allow the strategy to offset the odds better because hey, who likes just throwing away money?

Get your game face on, formulate a strategy with every hand, and play smart. Losers walk away every day. Winners play for sport. We can’t lose.

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