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Seven Best-Kept Secrets For Live Poker Sessions In Any Casino

If you’re someone who is looking to play live poker in a casino, it’s important to know how to do so with a bit of style. Here are seven of the best-kept secrets regarding live poker sessions that you may not have known about before.



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Behind the Poker Face

Only Play on Big Sessions

It’s no secret that there are a lot of casinos around the world; however, if you really want to be a big star, you’ll want to focus on visiting the bigger ones. These casinos also feature the same exact games, though the biggest ones tend to attract tons of tourists, as well as provide the best offers.

Don’t Bring a Lot of Money

You may be surprised to know that many casinos prefer that you spend an amount of money that you’re actually able to, no matter how small the amount is. No casino ever expects you to be a high roller, nor do they ever expect you to spend more money than you’re actually comfortable with. All casinos value repeat customers more than they value those who spend all of their money at once.

Don’t Waste All of Your Money on Drinks

Many casinos serve free alcohol to all of their players. This means that you won’t have to worry about spending your money on drinks and can instead concentrate on wagering it to win even more on all of your favorite games!

Don’t Miss the Bar

Each casino has its own bar where you can meet all sorts of interesting people. They can range from locals to tourists, both of whom are groups that are there to have fun!

Never Play Against the Locals

If you sit down to play poker and notice that the dealer begins greeting people by name, leave the table. This is a sign that you will be playing against locals who are at the casino almost every single day. Consider either asking a nearby supervisor for a table change or simply gather your money and/or chips and go to a different poker room where you can play against other tourists such as yourself.

Act with a Sense of Style

Casinos always offer free items to their high rollers; however, it can also be hard for them to determine exactly how much a player gambles, which leads them to estimate. If you want to make a casino think that you’ll be wagering a huge amount, take out a huge marker. For instance, if you plan on losing a total of $500, take out a marker of $5,000, which is something that will definitely get the attention of the casino.

Take Some Fun Back Home

Many casinos contain gift shops, where they sell items such as playing cards, poker chips, etc. Consider purchasing something like this to take home with you for some extra fun.

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